With a Grateful Heart


Last year I shared about Lai family Thanksgiving traditions on the blog (if you missed it, read it here!). It basically consists of having no special dinner on Thanksgiving day. Then on the day after, my family hosts a feast with family friends, who like us, don’t have relatives in the U.S. to celebrate with.

At this feast, my dad always starts with a special prayer.

“He always begins with a thanksgiving –that despite all the sickness and uncertainty, God has been faithful to bring each family through another year and to another Thanksgiving gathering. We all rely on the same God to sustain us, for we do not know what tomorrow brings, let alone the future.”

This year, we are missing Auntie Irene Tse from the Thanksgiving dinner table. Although we are deeply saddened by the loss, we celebrate God for her life and for the joy she brought to each of our families. The continuing tradition of this family friend Thanksgiving celebration is a testament to God’s love and provision. Even in circumstances of earthly illness and physical pain, we still cling to the goodness of God.

Rest in peace, Auntie Irene.


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