Graduation Thoughts

One word to describe these past four years: difficult. Yet, they are so rich in experience.

Freshman year –I sat shoulder to shoulder with high school valedictorians, competing with them just to earn a passing grade in my science classes. I cried a lot when I felt homesick. I went to my first, second, and third concert. I have never felt so academically inadequate. I scored my first internship. I joined AACF. I met my amazing floormates who are still my good friends to this day.

Sophomore year –I started dating my boyfriend. I finally learned how to study. I moved into my first apartment. I became passionate in food business, rather than clinical dietetics. I started my hand-lettering hobby. I became an undergraduate student instructor. I interned at a software development company over the summer.

Junior year –I discovered my love for clinical dietetics again. I had my first panic attack. I was one of the first undergraduates at Cal to take an MBA class. I got two A+’s. I met loyal friends in my dietetics classes. I started my hand-lettering blog. I finished my minor.

Senior year –I became President of an engineering club. I took five finals in the Fall, three of them on the same day. I got onto the Dean’s List. I didn’t get matched to a Dietetic Internship. I committed to USC for graduate school.

Soli Deo Gloria. Thank you to Him for sustaining me and thank you to Him for placing people in my life that have fervently loved and sharpened me these past four years.


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